P: Electromagnetism (Magnetic Induction)

It is expected that students will apply the concept of magnetic induction to everyday situations.

It is expected that students will:

P1.  solve problems for a conductor moving perpendicularly through a uniform magnetic field, involving:

P2.  define magnetic flux
P3.  calculate the magnetic flux through a loop of wire placed parallel or perpendicular to a magnetic field
P4.  identify, from appropriate diagrams, situations that would produce an induced emf in a coil
P5.  apply Faraday's law to solve problems involving:

P6.  apply Lenz's law to determine the direction of the induced current in a loop of wire
P7.  qualitatively describe how a generator uses induction to produce an electric current
P8.  define back emf
P9.  solve problems for DC motors involving:

P10.  give evidence of current fluctuations due to back emf in common applications of motors
P11.  solve problems for an ideal transformer, involving:

P12.  identify a transformer as step-up or step-down
P13.  give examples of the use of transformers in the home, workplace, and community

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