O: Electromagnetism (Magnetic Forces)

It is expected that students will demonstrate an understanding of the nature of magnetic fields and
magnetic forces.

It is expected that students will:

O1.  state the rules that explain how magnetic poles interact with each other
O2.  determine the direction of the magnetic field lines for a permanent magnet
O3.  use the right-hand rule to determine the magnetic field direction for a current-carrying wire or a solenoid
O4.  determine the direction of the force exerted on a current-carrying conductor or a moving charge that is within a magnetic field
O5.  solve problems for a current-carrying conductor placed in a magnetic field, involving:

O6.  solve problems for a charge moving through a magnetic field, involving:

O7.  apply the principles of electromagnetism to qualitatively explain the operation of a cathode-ray tube
O8.  solve problems for a solenoid, involving:

O9.  give examples of practical uses for solenoids in the home and workplace

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