J: Gravitation

It is expected that students will demonstrate an understanding of the nature of gravitational attraction between masses.

It is expected that students will:

J1.  state Newton's law of universal gravitation
J2.  apply Newton's law of universal gravitation to solve problems involving:

J3.  describe the gravitational field of a body in terms of an inverse square relationship
J4.  indicate that the work required to move an object in a gravitational field is given by the area below a graph of gravitational force versus distance of separation
J5.  define gravitational potential energy
J6.  solve problems involving:

J7.  calculate the work required to change the separation distance between objects
J8.  analyze and describe orbiting systems in terms of universal gravitational and centripetal forces
J9.  solve problems involving orbiting systems
J10.  calculate the total energy of an orbiting object

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