Prescribed Learning Outcomes

A: Vector Kinematics in Two Dimensions (Vectors and Relative Velocity)
B: Vector Kinematics in Two Dimensions (Motion with Constant Acceleration)
C: Dynamics (Forces)
D: Vector Dynamics(Two-Dimensional Dynamics)
E: Work, Energy, and Power
F: Momentum (One-Dimensional Momentum)
G: Momentum (Two-Dimensional Momentum)
H: Equilibrium
I: Circular Motion
J: Gravitation
K: Electrostatics (Electric Force and Electric Field)
L: Electrostatics (Electric Potential Energy and Electric Potential)
M: Electric Circuits (Ohm's Law and Kirchhoff's Laws)
N: Electric Circuits (Power and Energy)
O: Electromagnetism (Magnetic Forces)
P: Electromagnetism (Magnetic Induction)

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