Physics 12 - Quiz #3 

Physics Classic: The Monkey and The Hunter

While on a hunting safari in South America, the famous marksman Ima Vector spots a squirrel monkey 100 m high in the forest canopy and takes aim. Just as the trigger is pulled, the monkey, sensing impending doom, drops vertically from the branch. Unfortunately for the monkey, its knowledge of projectile motion is somewhat limited, and he's hit after falling 44.0 m. If the muzzle velocity of the gun is 43.5 m/s, calculate the following:

** Ignore the height of the gun, and treat as if the bullet were fired from ground level. **

(a) How much time elapses from the moment the trigger is pulled, to when the monkey is hit? (2)

(b) At what angle to the horizontal was the bullet fired? (3)

(c) What is the bullet's velocity at the time of impact with the monkey? (3)

(d) How far from the hunter does the monkey land? (2)

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