Physics 12 - Quiz #2

Mark Mc Gwire's Monstrous Blast

1. In a recent baseball game, it was keenly observed by yours truly, that an extremely low fastball pitch hit by Mark Mc Gwire left his bat at an angle of 35 degrees to the horizontal with a speed of 44 m/s.

 a) Find the velocity components. (2 marks) 

(b) What is the maximum height reached by this ball?
      (1 mark)

(c) What is the range for this monstrous blast?
     (1 mark)

(d) If the back wall is 21.0 m high and 130.0 m from
     home plate, determine if the ball will make it over
     the wall. Give numerical support for your answer.
     (2 marks)

(e) What is the velocity of the ball at the 130.0 m
      range? (3 marks)


(g) What would be the minimum required velocity to just clear the back wall at the given angle?
     (1 mark)

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