Physics 12 - Quiz #4

Mike the Cliff Diver


a) To find the time in which it takes Mike to hit the water, we must first recognize Mike's initial velocity will be the constant horizontal component of his velocity throughout the dive. Coupled with the fact that the horizontal component of his displacement is 15.0 m, we can easily calculate the time it takes Mike to hit the water.

b) To find the height of the cliff, we must again make use of the fact that Mike's initial velocity did not contain a vertical component thus his velocity initial in the y-direction was zero. We can simply treat Mike as a free falling body under the effect of gravity for a period of  2.31 s.

c) To find Mike's velocity when he hits the water, we must first determine the vertical velocity component just prior to impact.

Now the velocity can be calculated,

So . . .  Mike's velocity is 23.5 m/s at 740 below the horizontal.

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