Physics 12 - Quiz 1


A 884 kg satellite in orbit around a planet has a gravitational potential energy of -5.44 x 1010 J. The orbital radius of the satellite is 8.52 x 106 m.

a) Find the mass of the planet. (2 marks)

b) What is the gravitational field strength at this radius? (2 marks)

c) What is the satellites orbital velocity at this radius? (2 marks)

d) What is the satellites orbital period at this radius? (2 marks)

e) What is the satellites total energy at this radius? (1 marks)

f) How much work is required to move the satellite into a orbit that is twice the present radius? (4 marks)


g) Suppose that the satellite collided with some space debris, at the radius in part (f), and came to a complete stop. Due to the planets gravitational field, the satellite begins to fall from space toward the planet! If the planet has a radius of  7.52 x 106 m, what work is done by gravity on the disabled satellite to bring it back to the planets surface? (4 marks)

(h) With what velocity does the disabled satellite strike the planets surface? (3 marks)                                                      

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