Physics 12 - Quiz #5 

Cantilever Beam 2

a) A 4.0 m long uniform pole with a mass of 15 kg is pivoted at one end and held in position by a horizontal cable at the other end. If a 25 kg mass is suspended from the end of the pole, what is the tension in the horizontal cable? (5 marks)

b) What is the reaction force at the pin (magnitude and direction)? (5 marks)

c) Suppose the cable was replaced by one which could only provide 85% of the force of the previous cable. What are the two possible angles, between the cable and the pole, with which this new cable could still provide the necessary support? Draw in the cable positions when you have determined the angles.(4 marks)

d) Suppose a cable was attached at 900 to the pole. What would be the required tensile strength of the cable? (i.e. how much force would it need to provide). (1 mark)

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