Physics 12 - Quiz #4 

1. a) The potential difference in moving from position a to position b (Vab) in the diagram below is equal to +400 V. Determine the size and polarity of the charge Q. (3 marks)

b) A positive charge q is now at the midpoint between a and b, as shown in the diagram below.

You are told to move charge q a distance of 1.0 m so as to cause the greatest increase in its electrical potential energy. In which direction do you move it? (1 mark)

A. 1                                        B. 2                                        C. 3                                            D. 4

2. A proton, accelerated from rest through a potential difference of 1.2 104 V, is directed at a fixed 5.0 10-6 C charge.

a) What is the speed of the proton as it leaves the parallel plates? (4 marks)

b) What is the distance d from the fixed charge when the proton is stopped? (3 marks)

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