Physics 12 - Quiz 5

Electric Potential Energy and Potential Difference 2


1. a) The electric field between parallel plates is given by .

The electric field points to the right (out of the positive and in to the negative). Note the sign in the  above answer could be dropped since the direction has been stated.

b) The electrostatic force is given by  

c) The velocity can be found by first determining the kinetic energy of the proton, which can be determined from the change in the potential energy,  

Since  and EKi = 0 (proton initially at rest) then it follows that  and so .


2. a) The electric potential difference between points P and R is given by VR  VP.


b) The work required to move a  charge would be given by W = ΔEP = qΔV.


c) The magnitude of the electric field at point P is given by the vector sum of the electric fields due to Q1 and Q2.





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