Physics 12 - Quiz 1


1. A bar magnet is at rest, next to a fixed coil. When switch S is closed, the bar magnet will move

A. to the left.

B. to the right.

C. up the page.

D. down the page.


2. The diagram shows current I flowing in a circular coil located in a magnetic field.

The magnetic force acting on the coil will tend to cause it to

A. expand.

B. contract.

C. move up the page.

D. move down the page.


3. Which of the following diagrams best represents the magnetic field in the region between the two permanent magnets?

4. A particle having a charge of 3.2 10 -19 C follows a circular path of 0.45 m radius while travelling at a speed of 1.2 10 4 m/s in a 0.78 T magnetic field. What is the mass of the particle? 

A. 7.8 10 -28 kg
B. 9.4 10 -24 kg
C. 1.1 10 -19 kg
D. 3.0 10 -15 kg

5.  Two particles Y and Z with equal mass and speed enter a uniform magnetic field and follow the paths as shown. How do their magnitude and polarity of charge compare? 

6. A coil has 680 turns of wire, a current of 5.6 A, and an area of 2.1 10 -2 m 2 . This coil is placed in a 0.22 T magnetic field in either field-coil orientation X or Y. 

Which field-coil orientation would produce a maximum torque, and what is the magnitude of this torque? 

7.  A wire carrying a current of 5.0 A is in a uniform 3.2 10 -2 T magnetic field as shown. What is the force on the 0.15 m length of wire? 


A. 0 N 
B. 1.6 10 -2
C. 2.4 10 -2
D. 4.0 10 -2 N

8.  With the electromagnet turned off, electrons in a cathode ray tube strike the centre of the screen as shown. 

When the electromagnet is turned on, where will the electron beam now strike the screen? 
A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4

9. A coil moves at a constant velocity across a region of magnetic field as shown.

Which of the following best shows the emf vs. time graph for the emf induced in the coil as it moves from 1 to 2?

A. B.
C. D.

10. A 0.400 m long solenoid has 6720 turns of wire. A current of 14.5 A flows in the solenoid. An electron inside the solenoid travels perpendicular to the axis of the solenoid with a speed of  6.50 10 5 m/s . What is the magnitude and direction (up, down, left , right) of the magnetic force acting on the electron? (7 marks)


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