Physics 12 - Quiz 1

The Ferris Wheel

The Hindustan Amusement Machines company in India builds the Ferris Wheel - 70'. The design specifications indicate that the Ferris Wheel - 70' has a diameter of 18 m, and a speed of 6.0  rev/min.

a) Calculate the velocity of the Ferris Wheel. (2 marks)    

b) Calculate the centripetal acceleration. (2 marks)

c) Since you have been schooled in the ways of physics, the Research and Development division of  Hindustan Amusement Machines has asked you to "spice" up the ride! Add a little excitement! You decide that the passengers should experience the sensation of weightlessness at the top of the ride. What period would be required to achieve this? (3 marks)

d) What normal force would be exerted on a 40 kg child at the bottom of the Ferris Wheel, given this new period? (3 marks)

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