Physics 12 - Quiz 3

Assorted Circuits 2

1. In the simple circuit shown, the power produced in the resistor R is one quarter that produced in the 2.0 resistor. The resistance R is

A. 0.5 W

B. 8.0 W

C. 18 W

D. 32 W

2. A student mistakenly places a voltmeter in series in a circuit, as shown, in order to read the current. In this location, the voltmeter reading will be closest to

A. 0 V

B. 4.0 V

C. 6.0 V

D. 12 V

3.  Four 20 W resistors are connected in parallel and the combination is connected to a 20 V power source. What is the current drawn from the power source?

A. 0.25 A

B. 1.0 A

C. 4.0 A

D. 100 A

4. Consider the following circuit branch.

What is the potential difference between points X and Y?

A. 4 V

B. 8 V

C. 16 V

D. 20 V

5.. A 9. V battery with an internal resistance of 0.80 W is connected to two resistors as shown below. Determine the terminal voltage Vab of the battery. (4 marks)








6. Consider the following circuit:

a) Determine the equivalent resistance. (2 marks)





b) Determine the current through the 4.0 resistor. (3 marks)




c) Suppose the resisters were actually bulbs. If the bulb with 4.0 W resistance was removed, would the bulb with 12.0 W resistance burn brighter or dimmer? Use principles of physics to justify your answer (3 marks)







7. The diagram below shows a 9.0 V battery with negligible internal resistance connected in series with two resistors, one of them of unknown resistance R.

 If a third resistor of resistance 15.0 kW is added to the circuit in series with the unknown resistor, the voltage across the unknown resistor becomes 3.0 V. What is the value of R? (5 marks)

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